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DaRan Johnson Ministries


One Encounter CC is a VERY fitting name. It's IMPOSSIBLE to come to this church without having an ENCOUNTER with GOD. The atmosphere is THICK and the Holy Ghost has free reign. Come visit!


—  Sheena Cook


Pastor DaRan is a fired-up communicator who lives to see people set free by the power of Jesus Christ and brought into personal relationship with God.


Born to preach, Pastor DaRan Johnson's dynamic and engaging teaching style has helped many people start their walk with the Lord and encouraged them through the process. His mandate is to stir up the gift of faith in every believer. Encouraging the truth of the gospel, that with God nothing is impossible. Pastor DaRan is passionate about making room for the Holy Spirit to operate as He wills. Giving space for signs, wonders and miracles to be available for all those who need a touch from heaven. He desires to not only deliver an enticing word but a word from heaven flowing from the Father's heart, working through demonstration and power. 


Pastor DaRan believes wholeheartedly in The Process. Often times we get lost in the pressures of life and are overtaken by it's weight. He delivers a bold on time message of enduring the pressure as we walk through the process of life. Life happens and sometimes we fall, but that doesn't define you, your value or your salvation. The message is simply .... keep walking.

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