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Sept 25-27th 2020

Valuable Visionettes was developed by Pastor Darian for the young girls in One Encounter Christian Center to build vision, propel purpose and define their God-given worth. In this social day and age things can become unclear to this generation.  We live in a society full of comparison, Valuable Visionettes exist to reinforce the beauty in which they were created. We also make the choice to have the "tough" conversations. Those things that have been taboo in the past we choose to make common. As the world progresses in it's degradation we live in a day and time where if we don't teach them and give tools to train behaviors, the world will without boundaries.  As the world does it's best the raise our children and establish their value, we have a responsibility as the church to do our part. Partnering with all the years you have invested into your girls, we want to come behind you and solidify a Godly perspective on their lives.  Depositing into the future of our visionettes will give the girls valuable tools to stand true to their faith and live a life full of purpose.

All topics discussed with be through a lens of the Father's heart for these girls. I welcome and encourage the girls to ask any questions so that they aren't compelled to hide the discovery of the answer. Pastor Darian will be speaking with the girls in confidence, however if there is anything that affects their safety in any way we will sit down for a parental discussion.

If there is any topic listed that you feel uncomfortable with your child hearing we completely understand. These conversations are not comfortable but they need to happen. In my experience I have found that these girls know way more than you assume. Pastor Darian's endeavor is to provide a place where the girls never have to feel alone or be forced to face a challenge alone. Please feel free to remove your child from this event if necessary.

We have partnered with Lemon, LLC. to  coordinate this event and take all the necessary precautions to keep it with-in a "low-risk" assessment.

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- COVID-19

- Unity

- Sexuality

- School

- Dreams and aspirations

- Identity

- Spirituality

- Friendships

- Pregnancy

- Virginity

- Purpose/Vision

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